Correct Cleansing

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Often at the end of the day most of us want to quickly remove our makeup, shower and jump into bed. Is your eagerness to take the day off badly impacting your skin? Correctly cleansing skin is one topic I love educating my clients about.

Think about how long the cleansing process takes during a facial? Now think about how long you spend cleansing your face each night? I'm not suggesting you spend 15mins cleansing every evening but taking the time to correctly cleanse will have your skin glowing in no time. This best way to this is to double cleanse! Think of your first cleanse as a way of dissolving your makeup and sunscreen (an oil based product is ideal here) and your second cleanse ensures your skin is actually clean (depending on your skin your might opt for a treatment cleanser or a more gentle milk).

To dissolve makeup, oil and deeply cleanse the skin, first use the SpaCeuticals Bio Cleansing Oil. This omega rich cleanser is incredible to dissolve the day and decongest while leaving your skin soft and supple. Remove this product with a warm washcloth (be sure to use a clean one each day).

Following this I use the SpaCeuticals Lactic Cleanser which has L-Lactic acid blended with fermented papaya to gently dissolve dead skin cells. Depending on your skin for your second cleanse you might use this refining cleanser 2-3 times per week or you might opt for a gentle milk or perhaps even repeat with the oil. Once your second cleanse it completed you can follow with your evening routine of serum, eye cream and moisturiser.

My expert tip is to ensure you use your age management products and targeted serums in the evening, these work best when your skin rests and repairs overnight.

The Bio Cleansing Oil and Lactic cleanser are a power duo and work incredibly well to cleanse, refine and brighten the skin. Check out my videos on how to use the Bio Cleansing Oil & Lactic Cleanser best in your routine. Double cleansing can really improve your skin clarity and texture, give it a try and let me know your results.

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