All you need to know about Skin Needling

Updated: Sep 9

I am so excited to introduce Skin Needling to the menu of rituals at Heart Space Beauty. Skin needling (also know as Collagen Induction Therapy or Micro Needling) is a clinical treatment designed to activate your skins natural regenerative processes which stimulates collagen production. Skin needling is such a versatile treatment offering, we are able to treat acne scarring, congestion, enlarged pores, pigmentation, signs of skin ageing, fine lines, stretch marks, skin laxity and improve overall skin tone and texture.

The skin needling pen like device uses tiny needles to penetrate the very top layers of skin, creating hundred of invisible punctures (it sounds worse than it is!). These micro punctures trick your skin into thinking there is a wound and the healing response is triggered. First your fibroblast kicks into gear (this is the cell responsibile for collagen) next come growth factors that stimulate collagen synthesis and healthy collagen is produced. What does this mean? Plump, smooth and clear skin!

The EXCEED Microneedling device we have introduced is made in Germany and uses patented technology with TGA and FDA approval, basically it's the gold standard of devices. Containing 6 super fine needles on a tilting plate that adapts to the surface of the skin, resulting in a more comfortable and safe treatment for you. The speed and needle depth are both adjustable so we are able to completely customise your treatment to suit your skin needs and even work around the eye and lip area.

A treatment program may look like 3 skin needling treatments spaced 4 - 8 weeks apart, though this will be dependent on your individual skin needs. After even one treatment the skin structure is visibly revitalised, rejuvenated & regenerated and collagen production stimulated for up to 2 years afterwards.

Prior to this treatment we need to asses your skin to ensure it is in the best state to go through the healing process, you may be ready to dive right in or we may need to do some work to build up your skin health. This may include revising your home care routine, EFA supplementation and in salon facial treatments (LED is one of the best ways to prep your skin).

Downtime is minimal, though you will want to take the rest of the day off and your skin may look a little red and feel as if you have wind burn. Post treatment it's important to avoid sun, sweating, swimming and anything heat inducing so go home and relax in the cool. Over the next few days your skin may feel a little tight or have areas of dryness, this is all normal. 5 - 10 days post treatment you will be booked in for your follow up facial which includes an enzyme and LED treatment, this helps to support the skin healing process and ensures an optimum result.

I know many of you will be excited to get started on your skin needling journey so get in touch to see what the next step will be for you and your skin goals.

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