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All skin rituals include guidance from Rachel and her comprehensive  knowledge in holistic skin health. Anticipate warm aromatherapy compresses, guided meditations and flowing massage with positive intention to create an all-encompassing experience.


LIGHT THERAPY - Our Dermalux Flex LED uses clinically proven light energy to treat acne, wrinkles and inflammation without discomfort or downtime.

POWER GLOW FACIAL   40min | $89

Harness the power of light with a deep cleanse, light exfoliation, LED treatment and targeted hydration to finish. 



Series of  6  - $445   (buy 5 get one FREE)

Series of 12  - $890  (buy 10 get 2 FREE)

An intense program of Power Glow Facials offers cumulative benefits when performed 2 -3 treatments times per week. The Dermalux Flex LED  is able to uniquely deliver multi wavelength treatments which are tailored to treat acne, inflammation, pigmentation, accelerate wound healing, and boost cell renewal to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

RADIANCE RITUAL  60min | $165

The perfect combination of results and relaxation. Your skin is perfectly cleansed and professionally exfoliated prior to your Dermalux light session. Relax with both a hand and foot massage while the LED works wonders on your skin. We finish this treatment with an intense massage emulsion while your skin is at it's most receptive. 


LED ADD ON  30min | $45

Combine with any other skin or body ritual to enhance results.

SKIN NEEDLING  90min | $399

This clinical treatment stimulates your skins natural growth factors and can be used to treat acne, congestion, pigmentation, fine lines and scarring. Our microneedling treatment is all-encompassing to give you the best results possible. Full rejuvenation of your face, neck and décolletage followed by a cooling  anti-inflammatory mask to trigger the healing process. Included is a follow up facial treatment performed 5-10 days post needling to reveal glowing, plump skin. Skin preparation is required for this advanced treatment, we will assess your skin health prior to commencing your needling journey.


A treatment program may look like 3 needling treatments spaced 4 - 8 weeks apart, though this will be dependent on your individual skin needs. You can read more about this treatment on our blog



Part skin consultation, part facial -this is the one to book if it's your first visit, your skin is misbehaving or your home care routine needs a bit of a shake up. Plenty of time for you to ask all the skin things and for Rachel to advise you on internal and external home care and recommend a treatment plan. Depending what your skin needs, the facial component may include any of the following - enzymes, peel, LED session, contour mask and massage.

POWER FACIAL 30min | $99

This fully customised treatment includes a professional peel to target skin concerns. Your therapist will choose from the clear, brighten or repair treatments. 


PETITE FACIAL  30min | $75

A quick skin pick-me-up that profiles the Waterlily and SpaCeuticals homecare range tailored to you. 


SEASONAL FACIAL  60min | $149   75min | $179

These high performance facials are filled with active nutrients, an intense massage emulsion and a contour mask with 500mg of pure Vitamin C to energise and transform the skin. A stimulating peel and arm massage are included to provide results while amping up the pampering. With a range of options these facials flow with the changing of the seasons and your skins needs. Enjoy an extended facial massage and Vitamin B3 serum infusion in our 75min ritual. 

THE HEART RITUAL  90mins | $209

This deeply renewing signature facial is performed with a grounding  foundation of love and positive intention. Designed to soothe stress, anxiety and tension through the face and body - the rhythmic facial massage encapsulates the entire upper body. Rachel's focus is to shift stagnant energy to leave the skin and soul luminous, and the heart open. This meditative ritual focuses on creating space for the self and opening up of the heart chakra and incorporates techniques from many different holistic modalities including transformative KaHuna massage, aromatherapy, crystal healing and Reiki energy work - a truly unforgettable facial experience. 


This holistic facial works on your circulatory and lymphatic systems to create healthy skin from the inside out. The tightening treatment  mask works by applying transient pressure to the skin to activate the lymphatic  process. This stimulating and detoxifying facial strengthens the integrity of the skin and is suited to all skins especially acne, congested, sluggish and dehydrated conditions. Enjoy ultimate relaxation with both a hand and foot massage while the PRIN mask is working magic on your skin. 

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BACK MASSAGE 30min | $65 

Focused on the back, neck and shoulder area to relieve tension and stress. 

FULL BODY MASSAGE  60min |$110 

 Skilled hands work your muscles to help your body unwind while using a blend of precious essential oils to aid in rest and rejuvenation. 

BACK TREATMENT 30min | $82

An exfoliating and clarifying back ritual that includes cleansing,  warm compresses and a hydrating massage.

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Eye brow wax  $28

Eye brow tint  $25

Eye lash tint  $28

Eye package (includes brow wax, tint & lash tint)  $69

Facial in a flash (make your waxing relaxing!)  15min | $39

Lip  $18

Chin  $18

Sides of face  $22

Full face  $55

Underarm  $25

Full arm  $42

1/2 leg  $45

3/4 leg  $52

Full leg  $68

Bikini  $32

G-string  $45

Follow up Brazilian  $62

Initial Brazilian  $75



It is always an honour for us to pamper your beloved. Please note that our gift vouchers are available to purchase in dollar values and these may be used towards any of our rituals.